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PuppetArt's Snow Queen: a KidsOutAndAbout review

PuppetArt's Snow Queen: a KidsOutAndAbout review

by Sarah Lephart


My family and I had a wonderful opportunity to go and visit PuppetArt Theater this past weekend.  The show that was playing was Snow Queen, a story on which the now so popular movie, Frozen, was based.  My children, ages 4, 7, and 10, have never been to a show like this before.  They have seen puppet shows at school, but nothing like this.  It was really a work of art that used live people, puppets, and really creative sets to tell the story.  Every member of my family – all ages- were impressed by the puppets; there were times it looked as though they were moving on their own.  It was neat to see my children use their imagination throughout the show.  It was a different experience for a generation who is used to advanced technology with amazing special effects, and refreshing for our whole family to step out of the digital age and into a creative art experience.  The Snow Queen puppet was a little scary for my younger two, but I would still take them again to see it.  The play is listed for all ages, although I think it is best for children ages 4 – 12.

The PuppetArt Theater is located in downtown Detroit, and is more than just a theater.  After the show there is an opportunity to participate in a puppet making workshop, and for around 8 dollars children can walk out with puppets of their own.  The theater itself is quite small, which means everyone was able to see the show well, but be sure to call ahead and arrive early to ensure getting tickets.  The show we went to was nearly sold out.  There is also a small museum attached to the theater where theater-goers can see some very old puppets on display while they wait for the show to start. 

PuppetArt performances are on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm and Thursdays at 10am and run for a little over an hour.  Tickets are $5 for children and $10 for adults.  There is a gift shop along with the puppet workshop after the show.  The workshop fee is $8.  Be sure to note that they only accept cash or check at the theater.  The link for all of the theater and upcoming shows can be found here. http://www.puppetart.org/schedule-3/

As we left the theater Saturday afternoon, my children asked if we could go back to see their next show, Oh Ananse!.  We are looking forward to returning to the theater again very soon!


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Sarah Lephart is an ambassador for KidsOutAndAbout.com and lives in the Novi, MI area with her three children and husband.